FUKM is a hard-hitting hardcore punk band based in Oakland, California. Their sound tips the hat off to seminal pioneers, such as Black Flag and The Adolescents, yet it also echoes the grinding fury of groups such as Motorhead or GBH, among others. The band’s formula is stripped to the basics, and this means no useless frills: just raw and unapologetic rock and roll that’s meant to be played loud. The group focused on creating a very edgy and larger-than-life sound, with soaring guitar tones, relentless rhythm sections, as well as gravelly vocals that are able to stand out against the massive wall of sound created by the band. The group has been on the scene ever since 2007 when the band members got together to bring some good vibes and great times to rock and roll fans. Their roots are into classic punk and garage sound, but their music soon developed a grittier hardcore age, tipping the hat off to some of the most influential groups in the genre - from Fear to The Misfits and everything in between. Ever since their start, FUKM had the chance to perform live extensively, even sharing the stage with acts like Lower Class Brats, Fang, MDC, and Verbal Abuse, among others.
The band’s recordings have some old-school aesthetics, yet their sound is remarkably modern, echoing the sound of contemporary bands like OFF!, another staple of California punk rock. The group has a handful of tunes out there on the web, including their vitriolic 2017 single, “Bombs Away.” In addition to that, they are gearing up for some new surprises in 2020, so stay tuned!


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