~"Crank up your Monday morning with “Satanic Mechanic” by FUKM and get your asses kicked good’n’proper with the gripping intensity of a band that gets it.  When it comes to the classic combination of Punk-meets-Hardcore, there’s no denying that FUKM knows their shit, and executes their music with the resounding authority & punishing commitment that the best of the best of those genres have always made a priority of putting right into the spotlight as in-your-face as possible.  You’ll easily be able to hear that FUKM is built to compete – killer players, wicked pace, and enough energy in cuts like “Satanic Mechanic” to power your village for a full year with the searing & scorching heat this crew can generate.  A quick look at their social-media & pages online will confirm that the explosiveness in everything you’re hearing is no accident…FUKM lists essentials like FEAR, Black Flag, and Motorhead among their influences, and of course, anyone familiar with the roots of the Bay Area scene will know beyond the shadow of a doubt that FUKM belongs right there in the marquee with legends like their heroes.  Together they rip, slash, and burn their way through the scorching & scathing sounds of “Satanic Mechanic” and prove they’ve more than got the chops & talent it takes to make their mark in music-history a permanent scar – this single is made for max volume."  

   Jer@SBS      SleepingBagStudios

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Washed UpFUKM
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~ "Fukm, "No Escape". For a high-energy metal outfit, Fukm actually has a fairly considered approach. Lead guitarist Greg Elliott subjects the band's compositions to endless rewriting, which shows just how much care went into this noisy, boisterous, sprawling album."

    Rachel Swan      EAST BAY EXPRESS


"FUKM" is excited to let their fans know they are in the studio making a new album. It will be out in early 2020, so stand by folks!

F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

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